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March 27, 2022

Soup, Sponsorship, and Maturity

Soup, Sponsorship, and Maturity

In this episode, we start off by talking about our love for soup. Boring? Wrong. Our followers on twitter expressed their love for soup so we had to talk about it. We briefly touch upon sponsorships for the podcast and the direction we are going in. Mr. D brings up the concept of maturity, and how it relates to us as we age. In addition, we give a shoutout to a local artist named Carlo Polidoro López. Listen to the episode to find out about his work and where you can find him.

Carlo Polidoro LópezProfile Photo

Carlo Polidoro López


Carlo Polidoro López was born in Canada and during his childhood raised in Ecuador. He is based in Montreal Quebec. His works reflect the aesthetics of the streets of Ecuador and Canada, his home countries. He relates personal stories, memories, and narratives of everyday life, and in a bigger way, brings the street experience of South American society to North America. From the mark-making, use of bold colors, and text-based messages, he uses an instinctual process to allow this visual description to take life. López is currently in his last year of studies for his fine arts BFA at Concordia University. Lopez is officially represented by Galerie Laroche/Joncas located in Montreal where he had his first solo show 2021. Since then Lopez’s works have been displayed at the renowned Montreal Papier Art festival. He has also been interviewed by Nantali Indongo for CBC radio one and the Link Magazine by now CBC journalist Brian Lapuz. His works can be found in private collections in Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Ecuador.