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Jan. 30, 2023

Interview with Steve Martinez

Interview with Steve Martinez

Listen to our interview with Steve Martinez, a former Social Science teacher turned Edtech expert at Kami. Discover his passion for blending technology with education.

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Steve Martinez

Teacher Success Champion at Kami

Steve Martinez is a former Social Science teacher with a passion for Edtech that allows him to leverage technology in transformative ways through blended learning, mastery learning, Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, and student inquiry. He has experience implementing the Flipped Classroom model that allowed for his students to experience content for the first time outside of the classroom and engage the in-class time with application, innovation, and other 21-century skills. He has used Design Thinking to allow his students to solve the most complex problems they face in their local community. Recently, Steve has joined the Kami family full-time that has opened doors for him to share his love of teaching with educators, administrators and directors from all over the world. He holds his Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Educational Technology.