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Jan. 16, 2023

Interview with Principal Cale Zuiker

Interview with Principal Cale Zuiker

Join Cale Zuiker, a passionate Upper Elementary School Principal breaking down stereotypes and empowering students and educators in Altoona, WI.

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Cale Zuiker


Cale Zuiker serves as an Upper Elementary School Principal in Altoona, WI, in the northwest portion of the state, right alongside Eau Claire, WI. His passion is empowering students and educators while breaking down stereotypes that people place upon themselves and others. He is a product of public schools, and the product of two public school teachers. He followed a basketball scholarship to Youngstown State University, in the northeast corner of Ohio and began his undergraduate journey to be a teacher there. After a transfer back to Wisconsin to finish his degree, he began as a teacher and a coach in Holmen, WI, teaching 9th and 10th-grade English, while also coaching basketball, track and field, and strength/conditioning. He obtained his principal license from the state of Wisconsin. He is an avid supporter and fighter for public education, and enjoys learning and discussing equity in education, empowerment opportunities, and how our systems are currently built and where we want to go for our future.

He loves to read (primarily books about education and educational leadership), spending time with his family and friends, and physical activities in nature (working out, hikes, water). He is an avid fan of pop punk and punk rock music, and a huge fan of Tony Hawk skateboarding video games!