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Dec. 14, 2022

Hockey Talk with Andrew Chevrier

Hockey Talk with Andrew Chevrier

Join Mr. Mike and special guest Andrew Chevrier as they discuss collecting hockey cards, the hobby industry, hockey, and the Montreal Canadiens.

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Andrew Chevrier


Andrew Chevrier is a teacher, researcher, amateur musician, comedian, game designer, motivational speaker and mindfulness coach. He started teaching ESL ten years ago. Over 10 years, he has composed roughly 50 songs, on all kinds of themes, and animated over a dozen funny stories to accompany them. He started making Roblox games to accompany the songs and stories, and developed a motivational system that works with mindfulness to help keep learners engaged.

He went back to university to pursue a masters degree, with his ESL program as the basis of his research project. He organized his activity sheets into a workbook that he made available to other teachers for free on his Facebook page. Andrew also started presenting his program at conferences.