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Feb. 5, 2023

Stormgate - New RTS Game by Blizzard Alums

Stormgate - New RTS Game by Blizzard Alums

Stormgate is the latest real-time strategy game from Frost Giant Studios, a team of former Blizzard developers who are bringing their expertise from games like StarCraft and Warcraft to this new title. The game has already caused excitement among fans of the genre, but the announcement that it will be free-to-play has raised questions about content that may be locked behind a paywall. However, the production director and CEO of Frost Giant Studios, Tim Morton, has confirmed that all of Stormgate's game modes can be experienced without spending any money. Any additional content, such as new heroes for cooperative play or cosmetics, will be optional purchases priced according to their value.

Stormgate features two confirmed factions: the Human Resistance and the Infernal Hosts. While the third faction has not yet been revealed, it is speculated to be a "good" faction that will likely be constantly battling the Infernal Hosts. The number of factions in the game is expected to be limited, as adding more factions becomes increasingly difficult to balance.

Multiplayer is a key aspect of Stormgate, with both competitive and cooperative modes available. The game will also have a tournament system built directly into it, allowing players to create leagues, teams, friends, and rivalries. The co-op mode will not be an afterthought but will run through everything in the game, including the story-driven campaign missions and 3v3 team battles.

In addition to the various game modes, Stormgate will also feature an in-game editor that will allow players to create and share custom content. With its sci-fi/fantasy aesthetic, interesting factions, and focus on multiplayer, Stormgate is shaping up to be a must-play for fans of the real-time strategy genre. The game is expected to enter beta at some point in 2023. Many RTS fans and Warcraft3 players are waiting in anticipation.